Where will they go?


Gumdrop giggles,

Gapped-toothed pearls

That’ll never grow,

Where will they go?


The crumby placemat,

The little kicks, jeans,

Two sizes, too tall

Meant to fit

In the fall — all those

Shoes and clothes,

New and worn.

Where will they go?


The sticky iPad,

Past prints still smeared,

BFF bracelets,


Still on the drawer.

Where will they go?


Dear God,

Where will they go?

Oh — do

His back hurt from swinging down low

To chariot the small souls?

He can’t even begin to know.

God just sighs,

‘Say it ain’t so.’

Just like before,

Not too long ago.


All Rights Reserved.

Kira Mungai, 2022.



A collection of songs, articles and poems ❤

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