Signature Scent

Imagine my ennui,

Sick of sneezing, sniffing,

Spritzing, blitzing bottles

In yet another perfumery.


My friends favorite: French

Scents which lasts all night.

Atomizer nozzle chants:


A quick release decants,

And just as fast recants.

Gag (gag-gag).


Pray, this is the spray,

To stick ‘n stay all day.

Base, middle, top, trinity.

Head up, a misty peck

Grazes down-neck,

A mazing trace.

Ornate orbs bottled by

Graceful swan-slopes.

Sweet down dries up

The middling musk

Notes conduct in triple time,

A simple rhyme of sorts. Sleeve

The slightest dot: Lily leaves

Bergamot looms

Crisp-brusque fleeting weaves,

Why not float, Bloom Breeze?


Just be twenty-two,

Little-old me,

Whilst enticed by the woven threads:

Poetry, perfumery.

All Rights Reserved, 2023.

Kira Mungai



A collection of songs, articles and poems ❤

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