I wish to never feel again, if this is what feeling is,

Pray, the neutrality of death is kinder than this.

Is being human,

Being hardened hurt?

Trudging firmly on, like nothing never happens.

Always seeing bitty shapes,

When there’s none to see.


“Why gouge tear troughs dry?”

— To try to see silver-black squares,

A kaleidoscope,

Sway-swishes. “Why?

Is this how dying feels like?”

Scales, fishes, starry dark spectacles,

Dim sparks tickle the glaring black water.

Empty patterns, protesting

Pinched pipes where flow lacks.

Each time, neutral nothing, yet

Each night, squares circle back

Into dreams, forth in optative fantasies.


All Rights Reserved.

Kira Mungai, 2022.



A collection of songs, articles and poems ❤

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